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With the energy of the group and motivation and guidance from our teachers, you’ll accomplish more in class than on your own. Every moment, every movement, and every sequence of each class is intentional because your time matters and your body matters. Whether it’s your first class or your 500th, you’ll get a workout that works for you.

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Barre Classes

Socks required


Open Level  |  55 / 60 mins

Our tried and true original class uses a wall-mounted barre to deliver a full-body workout designed to strengthen and lengthen each muscle group. Move through an intentional sequence of body-weight and resistance exercises and complementary stretches to improve posture, core strength, and range of motion. With regular practice you’ll move, look, and feel your best.

Class Variations

Barre Express

Open Level  |  45 mins

Higher intensity and shorter work intervals of your favorite exercises will have you in and out in under an hour.

Barre Basics

Open Level  |  60 mins

Breakdown the position and alignment of our classic barre sequences to deepen your understanding of the details.

Barre Advanced

Experienced  |  60 mins

A dynamic class with deeper sequences and movement variations that challenge your strength and flexibility.

Cardio Classes

Socks or indoor trainers optional


Open Level | 45 mins

Put your barre work to work in this barre-less class. Quickly move through strength-building intervals of lunges, squats, plyometrics (jumping optional), and core work to raise your heart rate while maintaining good alignment. This total body challenge is a great alternative to repetitive motion cardio. Embrace the sweat.

Class Variations

Cardio + Barre

Open Level  |  55 mins

Start with cardio and finish with strengthening work at the barre for an intense, all-inclusive total body workout. You’ve never moved so much in under an hour.

Cardio + Mat

Open Level  |  50 mins

Complement your cardio workout with an additional series of mat-based strengthening exercises and stretches.

A note about our classes:

Most of our classes are open level. This means that we can teach to a wide range of experience and abilities in a single class. During class, your teacher may offer modifications to reduce the intensity of an exercise and options to increase the intensity. Meet your body where it’s at and use what works for you in each class. Be sure to let your teacher know before class about any injuries, limitations, or pregnancies.

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