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Founder Story

Melissa Rota
Founder, Sweat + Soul
Born and raised in Honolulu

In 2012, I was a software engineer and a new mom, and I needed a better workout. After growing up as a competitive gymnast, swimmer, and runner, I spent a decade as an engineer at a Fortune 500 company, sitting at my computer for up to 12 hours every day. I desperately wanted to get back in shape and was craving an intense workout that my body could safely handle. At the same time, I began thinking about a career change in hopes of finding something equally challenging yet personally fulfilling.

I soon found barre and immersed myself in training with the leaders of barre fitness at exhale in New York. Enamored with the boutique fitness scene in NYC and other large urban areas, I was determined to bring this concept home to Honolulu. After training, I blended my barre knowledge with sports conditioning, physical therapy, and kinesiology fundamentals to create Sweat + Soul. We opened our first studio with 3 teachers in early 2015 in a converted computer lab in Kakaako, and we’ve been delivering innovative workouts ever since.

At Sweat + Soul, you’ll challenge your body without stressing your joints. Our strategically-designed classes help you to move better with higher intesity. You'll get the results you want while protecting your shoulders, back, and knees. You'll also boost your mental wellbeing. We believe in the transformative power of a satisfying workout to make your day better — you’ll leave feeling accomplished and with the energy and resiliency you need to live well.

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The Workout

The Original Sweat + Soul Barre Workout

Our immersive mix of light cardio, strength training, and stretching gives you a complete workout in a 50-minute class. You’ll move through a sequence of bodyweight exercises, muscle trembling repetitions, and refreshing stretches that reach all the right places.

Carefully curated and continually refreshed.

We’re always improving. As part of our mission to bring you the best in science-backed group fitness, we’ve developed three complementary classes to boost your workout routine: Cardio, HIIT, and Barre X.

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At Sweat + Soul you'll find small group fitness classes that help you break a sweat and move well, every day. Our immersive mix of cardio, strength training, and stretching lets you workout hard, recover well, and leave feeling amazing.