We love to workout

Efficiently and effectively, of course

Hi, we’re Sweat + Soul and we’re passionate about healthy movement.

We opened in 2015 to bring you the most progressive, well-rounded barre fitness workout in Honolulu. Our classes are dynamic, efficient, and effective. In an hour or less, you’ll safely activate, strengthen, and stretch your entire body. We find joy in exercise and are on a perpetual journey to bring you the best in group fitness and exercise science in a safe and non-competitive environment.

Our Teachers

Our teachers are movement professionals. All of our teachers are Barre Certified by exhale through our training partnership with New York City-based Exhale Spa, innovators and pioneers of modern barre fitness classes. Our teachers spend an additional 150+ hours training at Sweat + Soul before teaching their first class. We are all CPR/First Aid/AED-certified.

Melissa | Owner

Classes I teach: Barre, Cardio
My class is: Concise + Athletic
Movement experience: Gymnastics, ballet, running, and swimming
Neighborhood spot: ARVO for avocado toast!
Before opening Sweat + Soul I was a software engineer.


Classes I teach: Barre, Cardio
My class is: Uplifting + Passionate
Outside of class: I love baking and strive to live waste free
Favorite part of class: Green band clamshells
Can’t live without: Pugs and potatoes!


Classes I teach: Barre
My class is: Centered + Inspirational
Outside of class: Sailing, surfing, and yoga
Barre background: Teaching barre since 2010 at exhale Atlanta
Favorite place in the world: Positano (Italy), Great Ocean Road (Australia), La Digue (Seychelles). I have too many to pick just one!


Classes I teach: Barre
My class is: Dynamic + Structured
Other interests: Crossfit and my incredible cat, Pumpkin
Mantra: Your mind will quit a thousand times before your body will. Feel the fear and do it anyway.
Favorite place in the world: The Four Seasons


Classes I teach: Barre
My class is: Relatable + Enthusiastic
Barre background: I’m one of Sweat + Soul’s first clients!
Neighborhod spot: Sweat + Soul
Other interests: Reading and trying all the new restaurants


Classes I teach: Barre, Cardio
My class is: Focused + Creative
Movement experience: Dance, tennis, and pilates
Mantra: Blessed are the flexible for they won’t be bent out of shape.
Fun fact: I live in Raleigh, NC and come back to Sweat + Soul often.