Welcome to Sweat + Soul

We know barre and we know fitness. Our intelligently-sequenced classes will leave you moving better and feeling better from the inside out. You’ll build strength, improve flexibility and posture, connect with your core (hello abs), and walk out feeling centered and accomplished.


The foundation for better movement

Our tried and true original class. A full-body strength and flexibility workout using a wall-mounted barre (say “bar”), light resistance, and body-weight exercises. Start here.


Modern cardio that works

Put your barre work to work. Move through strength-building intervals of lunges, squats, plyometrics (jumping optional), and core work to raise your heart rate.

The Breakdown

Before Class

What to do
  • Book your first class through our website or download the free Sweat + Soul app. You may also call/text us at 808.593.8384 to reserve your spot. We recommend starting with our full-hour Barre class or Barre Basics class.
  • Wear clothing you feel comfortable moving in. Leggings are great. Bring a pair of socks with you or plan to purchase grip socks at the studio.
  • Arrive 15 minutes early for your first class. We’ll get you checked-in and set-up before class starts. Please mention any injuries or limitations to your teacher.

During Class

What to expect
  • You’ll find all the equipment you need for class (mats included) in the studio.
  • We’ll keep everything moving during class. This means that you may feel a bit behind during some parts of your first class. Try not to overthink anything, and just go with the flow. You’ll get the hang of it soon!
  • Your muscles will feel uncomfortable during some parts of class as we try to work them to fatigue. Muscle shaking is common – it means you’ve found the work! Taking a quick break to regroup is totally ok.
  • Your teacher will provide verbal (by name) and hands-on adjustments during class to help you maximize the benefits of our exercises and stretches. (If you’d like to opt out of this, please let your teacher know in advance.)

After Class

Now what
  • Walk out feeling better: longer, stronger, and energized!
  • Book your next class! No need to wait for any muscle soreness to go away. In fact, you’ll feel better once you start moving again. Consistency in your barre fitness routine will lead to faster results.
  • Download the Sweat + Soul app from the Apple or Google Play store. It’s the easiest way to manage your class schedule.