Strength + Flexibility
in one great workout

at Sweat + Soul

Barre Fitness Studio in Kakaako

The Workout

Our intelligently-sequenced barre classes will leave you moving better and feeling better from the inside out. You’ll build strength, improve flexibility and posture, connect with your core (hello abs), and walk out feeling centered and accomplished.


The foundation for better movement

Our tried and true original class. A full-body strength and flexibility workout using a wall-mounted barre, weights, resistance bands, and body-weight exercises.


Modern Cardio that works

Move through strength-building intervals of lunges, squats, plyometrics (jumping optional), and core work to raise your heart rate and get results. Get ready to sweat!

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The only exercise I did for a long time was running for the bus. Then I tried barre and I LOVE IT. With each class, I grow more confident in what my body can do — and this wouldn’t have been possible without you guys gently pushing me to try new positions. The belief you have in your students means everything, and the playlists are great… shoutout to the 90’s throwbacks!

Amy S.